Organic Perfume, Candle Magic Oil, + Niche Accessories

How it started, at last.

They say a spine is made of a series of vertebrae stacked upon one another. We say a spine is made of holidays, perfume, hot rain on cement, copper crowns,  coffee stained books, candles, thunder storms, wish lists, the smell of a forest at dusk, Vogue magazines, unique jewellery, friends, memories, hopes, dreams, leading all the way to the top vertebrae. The top vertebrae is a lump of clay.  There is something in the clay. And your job, your only job, is to find it.

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This business started or organically that I did not even realise it was a business until I needed to build the website to start selling to friends of friends who wanted to buy from me.

Organic, cruelty-free, vegan perfume that smells amazing and that is magically healing was a pursuit from years of blending. I blended my own perfume and packaged it in a cool container to help me travel calmly. And it worked. 

The copper crowns came from my love of stainless steel, metals, rose gold, and me randomly buying a coil of copper. I pictured what I wanted to wear and just made it. It appeared out of the copper as if I had been slicing away bits of it. The copper crown looked beautiful and when I then decided I wanted roses and I made them. Of course it helped that the crippling pain in my joints and my repetitive strain injury vanished when I put it on. 

organic perfume candle magic oil vegan cruelty free Ireland plugs tunnels niche accessories cool

And here we are, the first post for Fleet + Flower. A "Made in Ireland" business. A creation of things blended under a blue moon near an alter of crystals.

Oprah says,' you gotta do the work.'

The Secret reads of cultivating a focused mind of love, letting go of negativity, setting intentions, and letting it go.

Friday Night Lights American football players say 'Clear eyes, full heart, can't loose.'

The Church maintains, love god, dedicate your prayers to god, say your intentions to god, and let go in god's name.

Wicca, The Old Religion, says 'you are divine, love god in nature/the elements/people, concentrate on an intention, carry out a ritual/prayer, and make it so.'

Everything seems to centre around loving something, setting an intention, ritual, prayer, and letting go.


Fleet + Flower is the perfect blend of the natural world and the digital world. We are a digital native business selling mainly earth based products. And we love that paradox. 

Fleet + Flower needed time, thought, research, love, passion, and money (of course) to create. The last stop was the voice for the blog. It had to be just perfect. As perfect as the organic ingredients we scoured Europe for in the creation of the organic perfume. As perfect as the magical candle oil we created. As perfect as the months spent  sourcing and curating niche accessories. As perfect as the years spent researching copper jewellery and then making it.

So, the journey all boiled down to one questions, 'What is in the lump of clay?' 

Here it is; a love of being healthy, safe, and doing no harm. 

organic perfume candle magic oil vegan cruelty free Ireland plugs tunnels niche accessories cool