A marketing workshop and a quote on being "nemeton"

Today is Easter holidays from school and I promised myself I would do another workshop for Fleet and Flower. And here I am, at a Marketing for your Ideal Customer workshop in Limerick. This day long workshop is provided by Paul Partnership CLG. I've done so many workshops through them. Cannot wait!


' A nemeton is a sacred place, a holy site which nourishes and replenishes the soul, offering both refuge and renewal through communion with nature and the divine...it is an experience of attentiveness, present-centredness, and overall communion with our life and the world in a fully engaged manner. In this way, any encounter has the possibility of being an abundant and fertile 'nemeton experience' and sacred awareness is no longer limited to just a particular holy place. Life itself is the nemeton, the sacred site that we commune with and which can nourish our soul. Slowly we come to the realization that, at every moment, our life is a pilgrimage to a holy place at which we are arriving.' ~ Frank MacEwen Owen