Price is a reflection of value - My Sunday

It is Sunday here in the King Household. A day of reset, sorting the house, family meet up s, fine clothes, and finer food.

I started the day the way I intend it to continue - nice long hot shower with some lavender and peppermint essential oil on the floor of the shower for a huge boost to my aromatherapy shower, after feeding baba na dplaying in between the sheets it’s breakfast - . Bagels, humas, rocket leaves and vine tomatoes for breakfast for me and homemade bread, fruit and cereal for you and dad. All while Alexa played some Philip Glass and my coffee machine gently purred my coffee into life. I add a drop of Wild Orange essential oil to my coffee for debt, abundance, and uplifting mood. Also, taste.

I went out of my way to follow my heart and picked clothes and jewelry to reflect this fine start to the day - I am wearing rings on most fingers, two chains, ripped jeans and an 80s inspired white shirt with big brown buttons. The diffuser were humming to the dolcet notes of Vetiver, Balance, and Frankincense essential oils. so fine, such luxury. Bliss.

Taking even more me time, I had baba over to dada and together the crawl the light of the corridor. I write in my gratitude journal. I wanted to have a practice like this for so long and was waiting…for permission, for more time, for a better pen, for a perfect gratitude journal….I wait for nothing now and use any pen on a weekly planner.

Later, I plan on meeting my mom, one of my many sisters with her boys and reading September Vogue. I have my emotional aromatherapy roller ball kit with me for Console, Cheer, Motivate, Peace, Forgive, Passion - which I will be asked to share when I roll one one as my PUREfume and for an emotional boost.

We won’t really be able to read much of the September issue as all our babies and big boys and dogs will need attention. I have made a Calmer roller ball blend for the bigger boys (my Baba already has his own kit) so we will do some deep breathing and maybe go for a walk in the trees in mum’s back yard and make believe we are in the forest.

There was a time I knew the price of everything and the value of nothing

I see the value in family time.

I see the value in me time.

I see the value in telling dad he is to start baba’s morning routine while I reset.

I see the value in good music (we are fans of British Grime / House not just classical - whatever feel good to the heart to listen to.)

I see the value in good coffee.

I see the value in my essential oils.

I see the value in doTERRA.

I see the value in me.

I live everyday as if it were a Sunday.

And as I see that value in me so to do the people around me, the waiters, the bank clerks, the medial people, the dentists, the servers, the teachers, the customers…..

Here is a to do list for me today:

do money mindset work and give it for free to people to help them see and feel their true worth…. as they know their worth maybe they will start investing in themselves and together we can live a more peaceful and happier life. With oils, reducing toxic living, and high vibes can help them even more.