How to use affirmations as questions and not statements. Why am I so happy?

Kinesiology and muscle testing

I have been meaning to blog since my last trip to my Kinesiologist. I studied Kinesiology a few years back and learnt about muscle testing. (It's vee interesting but not a parlour trick!)

Anyway, my Kinesiologists in Feathard, was a big believer in affirmations. BUT!

BUT! He said that your body has to believe them first. 

Now, I thought that was very interesting. 

What is Kinesiology?

You see, Kinesiology is all about using a muscle, your arm (let's say) and asking it for a yes and then a no. Both times your shove on your client's arm. The yes will result in the arm not moving much. While the no will result in the arm giving way. Your body, it turns, doesn't like to lie. (as the song goes -  your hips don't lie!)

This makes so much sense. If I was to start saying, "I am so happy" all the while knowing I'll be subbing in a Gaelscoil (a school that only uses Irish all day long - including maths and the staff room) well, it won't work! While I like Irish it's intimidating to think about using all day and especially in the staffroom. (even though all the Gaelscoils I have taught in are pure sound) Whereas if I was to say, 'I will be grand today." That - I could believe.

I feel that most affirmations are a bit too positive sometimes. 

OK, so if you don't know how to muscle test then there is an alternative to a positive statement. Why not ask yourself a question?

I read once, and I'm paraphrasing here, your mind will turn over every stone in the darkest corners of your mind to find the answer to a question you have just asked yourself. And behind these stones either joy or pain lie. I think it was Scott F Fitzgerald. I will Google it and edit this with my results.

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Questioning affirmations 

I know that any time I've been down, I've asked myself, 'Why am I so down, today?' My Mind then goes to great lengths to tell me: "You have gained weight. Your hair needs a cut, badly. Your makeup game is weak. Your nails are a show. You've spent all your money. Remember that time........"

And then it's just a game of downhill free association of all the reasons I may be down. Believe me, as a substitute primary school teacher in rural Ireland with no relations as principals finding work can be slow. I love teaching. But I also love money, I love earning and spending and supporting the local or my internet community. So, on the days that I got no call I use to sit at home and ask myself why I wasn't working. And it did my mind no damn good at all. Until one day, when I read that quote (above) I realised that if my mind will turn over every block looking for an answer why not ask it a positive question? 

I started to ask myself questions that I know will yield positive results. 

Why am I such a good little vegan?

Why am I so happy?

Why am I so lucky?

Why am I so fit and healthy?

Why am I so loved?

Why am I such a good driver?

Why am I such a good teacher?


Happy questions work as affirmations

I hope this helps you, I've tried it and it works. Just today, despite it being lean teaching wise I am still asking myself why am I so happy. Because I really am. I only had two days works this week, Fleet and Flower is expensive to run, and yet anytime my mind wonders it is chewing on one thought - WHY AM I SO HAPPY?

You know, I've been researching all things positive psychology, metaphysics and physics for years now and one central theme runs through it all - IT'S NOT WHAT YOU DO IT IS HOW YOU DO IT. Keep an open mind and maybe try it, if ya want. 

Let me know how you get on.

Michelle x

Why are you so damn cool?