Reiki, the power of positive intentions and the science behind it

A thought radiates out like starlight affecting 
everything on its path - Lynne McTaggart

Reiki and positive intention - woven into the holistic thread of your life weaves a happy life. 

Our bodies are made up from energy; at a atomic level we are buzzing, vibrating wavelengths that hum, they are so densely packed together that they give us the appearance of solid flesh and bone. 

The same logic applies to our brain matter. So, would it not make sense that our thoughts consist of energy too? And that energy can be measured? And, energy cannot be created nor destroyed (ohh I will leave that law of science for another blog post)

We've mentioned it in this blog before but doctors use an EEG (EKG) to measure the electrical output of your heart. This is called eletrostatical energy and is measured at 10-15 mini volts approx.

Now, here is where things get interesting.

Scientists have found that during meditation this eletrostatical energy goes up to 3 Volts! 

Stanford University experiments have proven that thoughts with a direction i.e. an intentions, produce an actual physical energy. This also can occur over remote distance (ever hear of remote Reiki healing?).

They also measured during healing sessions and the volts jumped up to... 190 VOLTS!

And, I am sure if you have read this far you may already have read similar articles on meditation and wavelengths, these studies on Qigong-Masters holding positive thoughts and sending out Chi / Qi (aka life force energy) have measured this energy frequencies between 2 and 30 Hertz. Stop the lights!

So when we say that we infuse our organic perfume oil and other products with positive intentions, crystals and a Reiki master there is a science and heart behind it.

And obviously atoms all have a charge; negative and positive so these thoughts portray a magnetic energy. So mind your vibes.

Lets end the science part by saying rather than trying to grapple with this just start to train your mind.And mind your thoughts!

How do you train your mind you ask?

Routines, boundaries, keeping promises you made to yourself, focus, concentration, finding your passions, living your truth, meditation, living a cruelty-free life, having a schedule. I could go into more, but later.