Rêveurs our first perfume!

Oh happy daaaay! We are finalising the label this week. I wanted to have both the INCI Name and the regular essential oil name. I'm printing up the mock-ups today. If they turn out well then we will have labels and can then start selling in Europe. (Not to worry if you are not in the EU, we will have the paper work done for worldwide sale by next week.) Everything has taken so much more time that I had anticipated. But a thing done well is a thing done well! It is all about perfection, good decisions, and giving these decisions time.  If you want to read more about our ingredients then have a read at our ingredients page.

Right, I am in the middle of doing my accounts so I shall leave you with pictures of The Night Circus, the inspiration of our first organic, vegan, cruelty-free perfume; Rêveurs. Will post again about the essential oils used and detail the notes, blend, and harmony of it.

 If you haven't read the book yet then what are you waiting for? It is divine and can inspire you to create! You can pick up a copy of The Night Circus here.



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