Science explains magick / positive thinking

Did you know that magical thinking can be linked with Germ theory? I like to try to understand both sides of life, both positive/magical thinking and an critical psychology aspect.

  • Magical thinking: Germ theory shows that we are right to fear bad vibes, ill fate. It tugs at us that something invisible and possibly negative can be transmitted by contact. Was it this our sun worshipping ancestors worried about? There was a lot of sickness and it did spread predominately by contact. So, they were right to fear these bad invisible vibes. I still am wear of bad vibes, surely thoughts, which are electrical in nature, also conduct these vibes.
  • Mind over matter: Think your bad fortune or pains away and make it so. Now, science is still baffled by this. We have all heard of the placebo effect. Patients partaking in a trail, some are given the medicine some an inert tables and yet both sides have almost equal numbers that get better. is well-documented. I'm going to stick with a PMA
  • Holographic existence: We are all one, the sun, our bodies, food, animals. It is right that we show respect to one and thus all. But did you know this idea originated in our biological makeup? Every cell in your body contains all the DNA required to create an entire person? Yup the whole is contained in each of its parts is born out by biology.
  • Action at a distance: Did you ever receive distant healing from a Reki Master? Or have someone say a prayer/light a candle for you and you felt the better for it? Science explains this as gravity. (Which all boils down to the moon and who doesn't love a good moon ritual!?) The  gravitational pull works at a distance. So it could be possible.
  • Mana: You have watched The Craft, right? So, you would have heard of Manna. This is the  word means power, effectiveness, and prestige, where power is understood to be supernatural. Mana is the ubiquitous concept of supernatural power. The science behind it? Atoms, electrons,  physics all rolled into one source, a power. Where would you rather be? At a Trump rally with those radical vibes or at an ABBA concert smiling at everyone and singing your heart out with fellow happy people?
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