Summer Solstice - ideas for how to celebrate the Solstice

What is the solstice?

It is an ancient Pagan celebration of the ways of nature. THe wods means "Sun stand still" as the people thought the Sun stood still rather the Earth as we know today. It is the time of year when the Earth, in her elliptical path around the Sun, slows down before on her round-ward journey to the other side. 

When is the Summer Solstice?

Solstice falls on Wednesday, June 21st this year. And even though it is Summer here in the Northern Hemisphere and winter in the Southern Hemisphere it is still a sacred time of the year.

For us in the North the sun is reaching its zenith. (I love that word, ZENITH - it's like candy bubble gum wrapped in maple and a splash of spice!). It will be the longest day of the year and we are celebrating its light and its demise for after June 21st the days will get shorter. 

While it's in its zenith here in the Southern Hemisphere the sun is about to be reborn for their Winter Solstice. On their darkest and shortest day of the year the celebrate the past and welcome the long sunny days to come. 

Essentially, within one solstice another is being born.

On June 21st we can celebrate light and dark, sun and moon, divine masculine and the divine feminine.

Why do we call it solstice magic and is magic real?

It is real and it's not real. It's in us already, Source energy is in us already and so we can already manifest what we wish. But, as we keep writing about there are three realms of power - personal power (self-care), earth power (appreciating nature or wicca,) and Divine power (Source or god.) We need to cultivate all three to feel happy, authentic, abundant. Do a search for this in the blog as there are plenty more blog posts about power, especially read Carl Jung related posts.

Summer Solstice Magick - How to celebrate it

1. Hold a rose while holding the thoughts of what you wish to attract into your life and the drop it onto a body of moving water, river, stream, ocean. 

2. Admire the moon and gaze at it while holding the intention to clear, activate, and charge your personal energy with her (the moon's) power. Say thank you and raise a glass of water to say thanks.

3. Personally, anytime I see the moon I always wink at her and admire her. I use her all the time to cleanse and charge my crystals. I also raise a toast (cuppa tea, mostly hehe!) to the sun. BUT DO NOT LOOK AT HIM. Not 'cause he'll strike ya down but 'because it's dangerous for your eyes!

4. Another way, and daily personal fave, is to use an angel/Tarot/goddess card deck reading on the day. You could hold up the deck into the moonlight or daylight to cleanse and charge it, then do your reading and give thanks. Because of the longest day of the year and the expansion associated with that, as well as the birth of the introspective darker half of the year, that's to come then take the opportunity to get pure illumination and uncanny clarity on any life issue that has previously felt confusing or unclear. 

5. Light a candle, set an intention, give thanks. Make sure you don't leave the candle unattended and it's in a fire safe container. Like, you can light it for a minute and get the same results. 

6. You could (PLUG HINT HINT!) use some of Fleet and FLower's very own organic perfume oil. It is already an ethereal product and essential oils have been used for centuries in worship. Just saying....


I will be at another Transcendental Meditation session. That's a pretty unique way to celebrate the Summer Solstice, me thinks!

Happy Summer Solstice - I will raise a toast to the moon for your wishes

Michelle x