The abstract psychology behind the physical action of candle magic

The Shaman

I light candles most evenings, even some mornings while I enjoy a coffee. I never thought too much about them before I met my Shaman. I know, I know! A shaman. But what can I say, I live in the country now, bye bye city lights hello Shaman of a Saturday afternoon in a rural Tipperary village.

Someone I knew was going through a hard time and turned to this Shaman. It seemed to help her. She felt better, had more direction, seemed calmer, kinda distant from her worries, and almost cooler.

I wanted to be cooler. Who wouldn't? So, why not pop along to this Shaman. If the session didn't go well I could duck out early and get a coffee in McCarthys pub, Fethard.

The session did go well. It was like something out of a movie. I will write a post all about it later. We chatted as I went to leave, and ended up talking about candles.  She said every time you light a candle you forgive someone or give thanks to someone, don't explain or go into the why just say "I forgive X," or "Thank you, X."

I didn't want to tell her I thought she would be the first person I forgave for telling me to talk to candles instead I nodded, left and forgot all about it.

Lighting a candle with intention

A few weeks later I was raging. Someone had lied to me about a work thing and had taken my idea. I didn't want to give out; complaining is just giving your energy away. But I wanted to do something. So I lit a candle and said that I forgave X.

No word of a lie things improved and the work thing took a different direction for me that worked out far better. Maybe, just maybe this magical thinking thingy and my Shaman were on to something. 


If I was going to do this I needed to learn more. Have you ever tried going into a country library looking for this type of information? No? Well neither did I. I went to a city library about an hours drive away and could find NOTHING! So instead I called back to the home farm for a catch up with the fam. Lo-and-behold I found lots and lots of books there about popular psychology, physics, tarot cards, wicca, magical thinking, crystals, candles and how to dress/fix them, all along books on nutrition, kinesology, health, Yeats, Joyce, Wolfe, Harding, and the classics. Gas!

It was so odd because I had never noticed the magical thinking types of books before. Or had I?

After thinking about it I remembered that one of the first books I noticed as a child was called 'Heal Thyself.' It's about intention, our bodies conducting electricity, fear, and love. That book was still in the old library. So I took all of these books and started to research some more. 

Some of my research lead me to Andres Carnegie's magical thinking and Napoleon Hill's book Think and Grow Rich. (I will write another post about them soon.)

Basically, it all boils down to a few key elements for success;

  • concentration,
  • setting and stating your intention,
  • visualisation,
  • and making it so ( stop thinking and obsessing about it and just act)

This is a tad abstract though. But there is an age old religion called Wicca. And it's principles and aims are the same at a fundamental level with one variation carrying out a ritual.


What is the difference between popular psychology and Wicca

One is abstract, requires years of reading, study, academia, degrees, research, meditation. Whereas the other one, Wicca, while it does require study, it can also be as simple as the physical action of lighting a candle while thinking of what you want.

Taking the abstract and bringing it into the physical realm.

It is the physical action of carrying out a ritual using oils, herbs, spices that are rubbed onto the candle in a specific way while thinking or saying that it is you want. To make it more potent you read about the oil and see if the herbs and spices are relevant, that have a meaning and correspond to your desired outcome. If you are looking for a feeling of connection to spirituality then selecting basil would help as it's associated with the divine. And the fact that you researched it then went looking for basil all the while thinking of why you need it; this adds extra oomph to your candle.  

I will endeavour to post more about this later. I see Fleet and Flower as a profitable online shop selling beautiful things and my blog/branding/message/voice as a vessel to give meaning to the mundane, and take abstract into the physical realm through action carried out on objects, or using organic perfume (with a 20% concentration or organic essential oils - that is strong!) all of which have been made with TLC, love and blessed by a Reiki Master, the super moon, and infused with crystals.