The importance of reviewing 2016 and goal setting for 2017

“My soul, where are you?
Do you hear me? I speak.
I call you—are you there?
I have returned.
I am here again.
I have shaken the dust of all the lands from my feet,
and I have come to you again.”
C.G. Jun
The Red Book p. 232


How to Review 2016

Why is it important to review a year that has just gone? Because if you don't change what you always did then you will always get what you always got. Get out a pen, fancy paper, and start reflecting. You don't put on your exercise gear not knowing what sport you are going to do so why get ready for 2016 without knowing where you want to go?

I will ask questions that I want you to answer and I will give you my answers as an example and starting-off point.

What were the top 5 highlights for 2016 and why?

  1. Finishing an 8 week mindfulness course
  2. Learning about meditation
  3. Completing a start your own business course
  4. Making my first sale
  5. Flying to Copenhagen.

What did you achieve this year and had you planned on it?

For me, I wanted to be able to fly feeling calm so I studied mindfulness, meditation, and yoga. Slowly my life completely changed. It resulted in me finally setting up a business and learning more about spirituality and metaphysical world.

How did these highlights make you feel?

Courage, confident, like a girlboss? The key here is to recognise and name your feeling from your achievements. If you get the reward of feeling good then you will want to feel like that again, so why not do these same things again? This will prevent you from self-sabotaging yourself in future. Now, this may take some practice. I started to meditate while still in primary school (after seeing it in a movie) and yet it is only now that I regularly mediate. Why this long wait? I never sat with the good feelings and never made it a goal to feel this good again. And the years fly by. Please, do not let the years fly by for you. Start now, whatever makes you feel good (once it is legal!)

So the key to setting goals in 2017 is in knowing what made you feel good having achieved it in 2016.

The fictional tropes have tried to tell you all along.

You heart will lead the way. Follow your bliss. Be passionate. Never go to the dark side.  

Once you tap into your heart and follow it your life becomes shiny.

Now that you know how important feelings are, ask yourself - What do you want to feel in 2017?

Accomplished. Open minded. Confident. Knowledgeable

What action can you do that will result in you feeling these emotions?

For me, I felt accomplished when I held a finished Fleet and Flower perfume product in my hand so I can make another product to sell, I can also build a marketing strategy to help sell this product. 

Open-minded; this is a simple one. I plan on not being too judgemental about others and researching topics before I make up my mind. And to practice yoga ( it will open your chakras, make you flexible and result in a toned happy body.)

Confident and knowledgeable: I need to read more books about the topics that interest me and will further Fleet and Flower; yoga, meditation, mindfulness, tarot cards, orgone / organite crystals, essential oils, crystals, business. 


Best of luck for 2017 my dears! Shake off the dust and face the new dawn.