The New York Times Meditation Guide

I was pleased to find this comprehensive guide to meditation in The New York Times. A lot of information, helpful hints, and care went into this guide.

This guide covers such topics such as what is mindfulness? How to mediate? What is meditation? We get some simple meditation exercise to get us started. And even advice on how to handle our wandering brain.  We also get some easy to start with mindful practices starting with the body scan. 

The difference between mindfulness and meditation

I like how it explains the difference between mindfulness and meditation so succinctly. Mindfulness is more about being present in the body and its sensations. From my perspective, mindfulness brings us back to our senses. Whereas meditation is about focusing your mind on breath, training it out of wondering, and connecting breath to mind. 

The Free Resources

All of this learning is supported by audio files. These audios are great. I especially like the mindfulness walking audio narrated by, the well renowned in the spiritual/holistic community, Sharon Salzberg. The images used are soothing and the text simple to understand no matter your level of previous experience. 

Click here for  open access to this New York Times Meditation Guide.