The power of positive thinking - Blogger chat

I have so much to tell you. But not enough time. Let me just start that if something is really important to you and the timing is will find a way.l You will say yes even if you don't have the money, expertise, time, confidence. You will find a way because you mind is set on getting it. You will feel the space between where you are now and where you need to be to get the thing and you will lean into it and then just let it go of all expectations on the outcome.

And then?


You will just get the gift of the gab and become it. You will get the money; your products will start to sell., you courses will sell like hot cakes, someone will hire you for your expertise, your confidence will rise, and all of your shadows will come into the light and dance with you because there is no more fear to feed them - they will be free and you will be happy and it was what your shadows wanted all along. 


When I have time to go into this more I will tell all, until then concentrate on what you want.