Tips for dealing with stressful situations or toxic people using A Course in Miracles 

A Course in Miracles

I'll have an introduction type WHAT IS A COURSE IN MIRACLES post soon.

Until then, ponder this: If you have ever watched Oprah then you will have noticed that a lot of guests have talked about the book - A Course in Miracles.

The main premise of A Course in Miracles is -

 that we are not the victims of the world we see because what we see is tainted by our own perceptions, which are fake as we can only see by allowing Source* to see through us as us - because we are all made from source energy.

ACIM - emcompases a lot of psychology

Now, I know that may sound strange, I mean it did to me at first**, but a lot of this book has psychological structures. So, at least there is a proven academic backing to it.

What we perceive is always tainted by our own personal history, our own emotional projections, our fears etc, so we can never truly see things or hear comments for what they are because we are basing it on the illusion or our perception. An illusion that we created through our own internal referencing. 


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Dealing with a negative situation or a toxic person - just accept it?!

Traditional advice would state acceptance. And we have all hear about acceptance - You have to accept the situation and then control your response to it; Knowing that we can't control the people or situations around us - we can only control our response to them can be a huge help. (Even with fearful situations like flying.) However, having a calm and measured response in a difficult situation is a tough task but with practice it is doable - surely, though, there is a better way, an easier way?

"It's only a joke / banter" - let's understand the joker first

Ever notice how irked and negative people probe a calm person looking for a rise? Sometimes humour is where we bate people and then jest, 'I'm only looking for a rise!' That, my friend is a very strange thing indeed to be looking for from anyone. Why do you need a negative emotional response from them? To eat their energy? (After all all emotions are energy forms that can be measured as brainwaves, so if you are feeling down when why not annoy someone - eat their energy and feel satisfied. That's pretty freaky!)

I want you to feel like I feel

Often people who cannot communicate will try to make you feel how they feel. Ever notice how toddlers can make you feel exasperated, and frustrated? They don't have the words to express what they feel instead they try to make you feel how they feel. And often, these toddlers become the grownups that we refer to as toxic. We are all still "growing up" and this why it can be so important to know how you feel and become your own spirit level and react calmly.

How about next time someone is "just taking the p*ss," try to stay chill and just think to yourself: Actually, I don't want to feel as angry or bitter as you, but thanks for this learning opportunity! And thanks for trying to communicate with me but next time use your true words!

According to A Course in Miracles - you perceptions are wrong in the first place

A condensed version of this would be - I don't mind because you don't matter. (because we are all one and connected to source so my perceptions of your words are false unless I hear them through source). So, the usual course of acceptance or toddle communication are a long winded explanation of someone's behaviour as how did we know in the first place if their words truly were toxic? We can only recognise something if we have an internal reference point. Oh my god!

So, using A Course in Miracles we can bypass all of this and go straight to source - we are not the victims of the world we see because what we see is tainted by our own perception in the first place. (Stop the lights, does this mean that if I spot it I got it and that in a toxic situation that I AM THE TOXIC PERSON......) I have a lot more reading of ACIM to do yet. LOLS!

ACIM, psychology, Source of self-care

Be it A Course in Miracles, psychology, science, Source or whatever - one thing is true - behaviour is repeated and becomes a pattern so if we start thinking that people are out to get us with their 'banter' then that state of mind sticks and we will see ourselves as victims of a world full of attack thoughts. 


So, no matter what's happening around us, it is not  necessary to become caught in negativity. Instead let's try to take charge of the way we respond through a divine connection. And try out meditation or get thee to a Reiki master or a book shop! You can buy A Course in Miracles through Book Depo with free shipping here. 


*god, Thor, Disney, The Triple Goddess,  The maharishi, allah, Ganesh or  whomever you chose to pray to.

**I know this blog is a bit out there but I always try to bring in the science. I feel it's important as that makes a strange subject far more relatable.