What do you use organic CBD vape oil for?

How to use organic CBD oil and why vape oil?

 Vape is like a sauna for the body. It goes straight into your bloodstream, there is no blending, no rubbing, no skin barrier; you inhale it and poof! into the lungs it goes and crosses into the bloodstream.

Is CBD oil good for you?

Well, yeah. We wouldn't sell it otherwise. Our grower is Irish, CBD completely legal and is so beneficial. Initially, I bought it for my inflammation which was wreaking havoc with my RSI (repetitive strain injury). I was even getting really bad ear-aches from inflammation and CBD helped me. So, too, did meditation. One of inflammation's causes is stress. Not that I was under stress but having a idea and not acting upon it can cause you stress.

I took that pic for Fleet and Flower's insta, I think's it's cheeky and I love ittttt! lols! This whole site is for over 18s only, fuck yeah! I'm a primary school teacher and I have a place to curse, yup! yup!

Anyway, there was a study published in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology writes of the numerous therapeutic properties of CBD oil, it states that CBD oil can act as a natural aid in a many conditions. In fact, CBD, cannabidiol,

What I love and use is what I sell. It's just that simple. I don't wish to have a huge online shop, I am just a simple maker and shopkeeper, but if I know a product helps me that it will helps others. Not only do we make and sell our own organic, vegan, cruelty-free perfume for the soul we also sell organic CBD vape oil

Research for CBD are as follows:

  • Support healthy joints—Research suggest that CBD has the ability to help keep with joint health.
  • Increasing the Appetite of Ill Patients—Patients who fall ill, have prolonged hospital visits or under chemotherapy tend to lose their appetite. CBD has been shown to help with appetite.
  • Anti-inflammatory, which has been a huge help for my RTI
  • Anti-oxidant properties, as well as antiemetic (medical way of saying it can reduce nausea and prevents vomiting), anti-depressant and antipsychotic properties.
  • Support brain health—A study has shown that CBD has the ability to help with oxidative stress. Our bodies naturally produce free radicals, which are damaging. Free radicals overwhelm organs and inhibit repair.

I wonder was it always available, vape oil? When my father was sick with cancer it would have been such a relief to him. Like, why am I only hearing about CBD oil now? It would have helped me so much when I was doing my postgrad and my hands were in bits with repetitive strain injury and it would have helped me with anxiety about teaching practicing, inspector visits and my fear of flying.

It's difficult to find an answer as to when it became available on the market. It contains no THC so it is completely legal to buy; it doesn't make you high but you get all he benefits of cannabis.

Fleet and Flower sells organic CBD oil that has been grown in Ireland and has all the legalities covered so it is compleatly legal to buy. You can buy it online from our shop.

It's a safe non psychoactive alternative to cannabis. Mabye the technology to separate THC from the cannabis only came...I'll contact my grower and get back to you with answers. 


Oh and Always consult a medical doctor before modifying your diet or using any new product.