What happens when you meditate?

Woah! Slow down, firstly what kind of meditation are you inquiring about?

Yoga and most of these Eastern traditions that we now incorporate into our daily lives are from the Vedic system. This Vedic system is like learning how to talking in quantum physics and then condensing it down to binary. 0110 1101 0110 0101 0110 0100 0110 1001 0111 0100 0110 0001 0111 0100 0110 0101

Simply put - meditation is a process of unlearning, restful awareness, a return home to Self.

Of being ok with our thoughts. Or being detached, emotionally, from our thoughts. In order to get that way we must learn a meditation tradition.

Meditation is an effortless technique which allows your mind to settle. We settle inwards. We lean in. To our subconsciousness --- beyond thought.


In here we experience the source of thought and we feel a restful alertness.

We all have heard about SOURCE energy by now, yeah? Well, did you know that you already have it? I didn't until I did more research. And I thought it was pretty powerful. But, I suppose that's what Self-realisation is. Your true Self realising...

By witnessing the source of thoughts we experience pure awareness.

This is the most silent and peaceful side of you — your innermost Higher-Self. In this state of being your brain functions gather to a higher level of coherence, you allow space into your consciousness, and your body gains a rest of deep that you will find energy to live the healthy lifestyle you've always wanted. 

I will write about what happens to our bodies, emotions, hormones, minds, spirit when we meditate shortly. Search the blog 'casue I'm sure I've touched on some of these before.

I had a FANTASTIC japa meditation experience in Cashel, Co. TIpperary last night. Will blog about it soon, got to bottle some perfume and sell the shit out of it! (I've been watching a lot of Americian webinars on selling....lols!)