What is a binaural beat? Digital Drugs or Fake?

What are binaural beat music?

We have all heard of brainwave music or brainwave entrainment, you know that strange white noise layered with some beats. It is also known as a meditation shortcut. And we have all read about the brainwaves of meditating monks - well brainwaves can be measured and so these beats mimic the brainwaves of the body in a meditative, sleep, party, LSD, cocaine, cannabis states and then uses beats to trick the brain into experiencing the physical sensations. We cannot hear our brainwave frequency, however binaural means “two ears.” So if we use headphone and hear two tones, that are slightly dissimilar in frequency in each ear, our brain processes it and it registers a beat at the difference of these two frequencies.  And, my friend that is the what a binaural beat is, in a vee basic sense.

Took the below pic in the park near Cahir Castle, fab, isn't it!

Why bother?

We think thoughts about  50,000 every day and up to 70% of those are believed to be negative. (12) Sometimes it is important to get a break - from ourselves. And especially our monkey minds. 

Getting a legal high on digital drugs

Personally, I think it's kinda cool. It is completely legal, so, why not go on a  legal LSD trip or legally get stoned by listening to a binaural beat? 

How binaural beats work, scientifically. 

Humans can generally hear sound frequencies in the audible range of 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz and, as we said earlier, our brainwave frequencies fall below our range. By using a slightly different tone being heard in each ear our brain registers something different. 

If you listen to a 124 Hz sound in your left ear, and a 114 Hz sound in the right, your brain entrains to the difference — in this case to 10 Hz, which is in the alpha brain wave frequency range.

Image courtesy of Buzzle.com

Image courtesy of Buzzle.com



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