What is a Diviner and what is Dowsing?

Who they are

They live is marshy lands, always to the west of the county. But they pronounce it as whhest. They whistle greetings rather than shake hands. A nod always means, 'Hell no!'

Some go on missions into local towns and set up shops. They only sell dry goods. The Diviners give away free  dried organic raw apple cider vinegar to customers...or anyone passing. And a lot of people walk past their shops. And they all are hiding pamphlets into their tweed jackets.

These walkers are drawn to walk past and take all the free samples, gathering at street corners and mixing the raw apple cider vinegar straight into their beer bottles, which are full of spring water and now blending with the vinegar.   They read the pamphlets and make monkey noises resmenbling, 'De-cal-cify....daa....pineal gland...'

You can take the lady out of book blogging and creative writing but but  you can't take them out of the lady. Right, creative writing asid. For now!

What is a Diviner?

As Latin has the root of most words in English let's start with that. The word divination comes from the Latin divinare, meaning “to foresee” or “to be inspired by a god.” Divination can uncover hidden knowledge by supernatural means. It is associated with the occult and involves fortune-telling, star charts, energy healing, intuitive healing, spells, reiki, finding water, minerals, and map work.

You are a Diviner.

Yup, gurl, you! Yes you are a diviner. We all have intuitive abilities. Have you ever held you hand over a family members' wound and wished it away? That's a type of divining, but you would use a dowser, a tool. It's  a simple way to harness and direct those abilities. 

What is a Dowsing tool

Dowsers typically use a dowsing tool like a crystal or pendulum. The Diviners looking for water and minerals would use a set of L-rods.

How to practice Dowsing?

  1. Choose your tools.
  2. Cleanse them.
  3. Charge them.
  4. Hold your pendulum
  5. Set the directions of yes, no, don't know, neutral
  6. Ask a question
  7. Thank the pendulum for every answer.

A bit o'metaphysics

The pendulum act as a magnifier of neuromuscular signals that occur within the dowser's body in response to the dowser's questions and allows you to interpret them with the yes, no, don't know, neutral. Essentially you are channelling a higher power through your body and it is feeding you questions. 

Fun fact. After dinner, on the farm, we would sit around for hours and extended family would visit. After the farmers discussing politics, GAA, metaphysics, mam would get out a pendulum and ask it funny questions. Like, 'Will I sell the farm?' 'Are the kids stealing the good chocolate?' 'Does X fancy the butcher's son?'  She'd do it for the laugh but we all knew it had an undercurrent of truth to it.

Have a read of the blog to suss out metaphysics or just ask yourself, '