What is Mysticism? How to know if I am a mystic?

What is a mystic?

Well, in a vague sense, it's a person who seeks spiritual experience to raise and expand their awareness. A mystic feels a tinge of searching, of looking behind the mirror, underneath the bed, behind the moon, through book shelves, between shopping rails, in doctors offices, over social media and all the while looking for something that they had and perhaps could have again if they could only name that feeling.

We seek a connection within the three powers (on which Fleet and Flower is based) personal power, divine, and the universe (earth),  and the laws that govern all three; metaphysics.

So, in a way, we all are mystics. Any time we admire the sunset and wonder at the power behind it or notice synchronicity, feel a connection, or heck, get a Reiki session and enjoy it - yup; MYSTIC!


Understanding Mysticism through frequency

We all know the basics of science; We're made up of molecules, atoms, electrons; basically we are a highly compressed body of energy vibrating at such a fast rate that we appear solid.  

So our thoughts, intellect, and rationing is just a small part of us, floating around inside us within this energy field. Pretty cool! Our thoughts begin in this space, as frequencies, before they are expressed or formed them into an expression. 

Metaphysics and Mysticism

I have a business because I had an idea to help me solve my pain-point (fear of flying - pandora's box...) and a huge love (organic/vegan/potent ingredients/products infused with spirituality). I could picture it in my head and held an expectation of what Fleet and Flower could, would, become. and now - Now, I make vegan, organic essential oil, cruelty-free perfume oil. Fleet and Flower is now a real live thing, who uses instagram as a moodboard to transmute the vibe of the our essence. We even expanded to sell CBD oil and will be selling courses and more products soon.

All of this went straight from my mind and mixed with emotion working its way into physical reality. All physical things start as energy thought forms first.  

This relates to mysticism through understanding the spiritual experience by first coming to terms with experiencing our own energy and the results of our thinking.


Metaphysics and mysticism and entrepreneurs and writers - oh my!


Any wave of energy is perceptible to your field of energy. So if something outside of yourself inspires you - you feel it on a deep level and an inkling of a sense trying to create the thing that inspired you can be felt ever so deeply.  When these things affect your field of energy we get a watercolour hint of shade of us trying to assist ourselves in interpreting that inkling and create something into the physical realm. This impulse is felt and followed through by entrepreneurs.  

In my past blogger life I was a YA book blogger and "writer." I had a strange urge to get something down on paper but I didn't know what. I just knew I had to share something...but what? It was only by joining my ideas with my passion that I created Fleet and Flower's first product (Rêveurs an essential oil based perfume / meditation oil with a extremely potent organic essential oil concentration; thus launching me into writing about metaphysics. 


Summary of mysticism and am I a mystic?

If you read this far than, yup!

If we contemplate what it means to "be" then yeah.

If we practice yoga/meditation/reiki/tarot cards/yogic science/wicca/mindfulness/prayer/painting/running...with an intention of reaching a higher state of being while not trying and just "be" in the moment; then yeah, again!

If we allow ourselves time to simply with and be, not interacting with our monkey mind's thoughts, we can allow a mystic space in and from there connect with our higher selves. And, since we are all frequencies and not actually solid, our energy can connect with the world's population's energy. We are all one after all, and all particles interact no matter the distance. 


You want to know something? I had no idea what I was going to write about today. I've been following some pretty cool peeps on insta and found them to use the word mystic a lot. So I wrote a question for this blog on a question that I wanted answered. I pondered it. I left to go and shipped off some orders, I came back with a cup of tea and wrote the answer without thinking about it. Kinda surprised that this answer was in me all along. I suppose reading ACIM, practicing TM, and researching a lot of yogic science (divine power,) earth based practices (earth power), and militant self-care (personal power) has helped me reach this answer. 

PS - I've blogged about the three powers to help you live a happier life - you can do a search for more info in the site's search bar. 


Laters! I want to do some reading before bed. It's still 9pm here but it's been dull and cold today, despite it being June. So, I cannot wait to turn on the salt lamp, tuck in the dogs, ask Mr. King to make me a cuppa, and do some reading of ACIM or surf Netflix in my Queen size bed!

Michelle x