What on Earth is a vape pen and who uses a vape pen?

Vape pens are writing utensils that help you leave your mark with invisible mark. Most people use them when communicating in code with James Bond. How long will a vape pen last? It will last until you have got the bad guys. 

All the bad guys.

For real, what is a vape pen?

No, on a more serious note; vape pens are an electronic device that have a battery which heats up a metal coil encased in cotton wool in a tank of vape juice. You get to choose your vape juice and vapor it without having to inhale any of the other toxins. And if you choose Fleet + Flower's organic CBD you get all the health benefits of marijuana legally. I tell people that vaping CBD is like a sauna; you inhale slightly warmish air with a heady silky constitution and get the essential oil benefits of CBD.

Is vaping like smoking?

Yes and no. It's without the harmful effects associated with cigarette combustion and burning. Vaping can help people quit smoking. I don't know a lot about it but they can smoke nicotine and get it in lighter concentrations and eventually wean themselves off it and onto a nicotine free juice. All the while having the comfort of the vape pen. (Think it's a Freudian thing and the sucking action of a cigarette is akin the the mother's nipple) That's all I know about quitting smoking: We sell on the Fleet + Flower shop and that's pure organic CBD oil, which has several health benefits and no nicotine.  

What kind of people vape?

  1. People who use it as a substitute for tobacco/nicotine.
  2. People can use a dry herb vaporiser (vape pen) which can be used to with other herbal material such as dry herbs (weed = illegal in most countries and states) or wax concentrates.
  3. And people who want all of natures goodness of the marijuana plant but legally, that is CBD vape oil. Have a look through the site for all of our articles about the health benefits of Organic CBD vape oil.

Or you can just try to use it to write with invisible ink. LOLS! I wrote this from Tramore beach. One of the benefits of working for yourself...you know that's really important in life. For me that's wellness, family, friends, learning, and sharing all of that with you.