What percentage is Fleet and Flower Organic Perfume /Meditation /Ethereal Oil

20% organic, food grade essential oils. Most products have about 2% to 5%. I wanted our first perfume oil /meditation oil /ethereal oil to be potent; not only in the reiki blessing or the crystal infusion but in actual formulation. 

How many roses does it take to make one drop of rose oil?

A lot! It takes a lot of roses to one one drop of essential oil. Picture this; you have a rose petal in your hand now squeeze it to see how much oil comes out. A tiny film of oil may appear on your hand. Now; how many petals and roses would you take to make one tiny drop of essential oil? I will blog about that tomorrow.

Essential oil maths - 

One millilitre of essential oil is about 20 drops of oil.

1 ml = 20 drops (approx)

Products with a low percentage of essential oils

If you have a product and it's percentage of essential oils of the final product is about 2%, that means 98% of the product are other chemicals.

If your final product has a total measurement of 15ml only about 0.3mls of the finished cosmetic is essential oil.

Convert that into drops you get about 6 drops of essential oils for a product that is boasting essential oil wellness!

When I learned that (after years of reading ingredient lists and research) I decided that Fleet and Flower's EO cosmetics would have the highest percentage of essential oils at 20%.

Let's do that maths again, but for Fleet and Flower

- Fleet and Flower perfume oil (meditation oil or ethereal oil) has a final mass of 15ml with 20% of it being made up by organic essential oils.

So we have 3ml of essential oils to 12 mls of carrier oil.

3mls X 20drops = 60 drops of essential oils in our perfume/ethereal/meditation oils. 

Hence the expense and potency. But it is so worth it.

And all of our stuff is crystal infused by crystal grids. So pretty and so much fun to make!