What to Expect when Meeting a Shaman

Remember how I told you about first learning about lighting a candle but putting an intention behind it? Well, that all started with visiting a shaman.

Here is how I found the session.

I drove through the village of Feathard searching out a decent coffee. Her house was easy to find, there was a black cat waiting for me at the entrance. Before I had a chance to say 'soya latte' the cat ran at the car and jumped up onto the bonnet. Was this a sign of things to come?

I shook it off and rang the door bell. I didn't know what to expect. A fairy like lady to answer the door. Wearing a cloak? With a wand in hand or a drum?

Instead a nice, normal lady in cool jeans and a well cut  dark top answered the door.

We chatted and she told me a bit about Shamanism. 

What Shamanism is

Shamanism is a type of magick. Yes, magick with a k. And with all of these things with a 'k' it involves the Shaman entering into a trance state to interact with spiritual beings and get information needed to help their client. All of this happened before I came. And now, she told me, I will lie down, relax while we listen to drums and she works with me.

The session

But she warned me to keep my eyes shut. And not to open them. Not to wonder what is happening. Not to guess what she will do next. Not to question too much. In fact, she added, leave your thinking brain at the door.

But this was kinda difficult to do as the drums became louder, there was a howling, a heady smell of incense and essential oils,  and the curtains were drawn.

It felt as if I was in another world, another plane, another dimensions. That was cool.

Rattles, loud drumming,  essential oils, incense, and tapping

But then she starting using a hand rattle and shaking it all over my head one second then my legs the next. But what made me want to open my eyes was that she would lightly brush my top right shoulder and then in under a few seconds would lightly touch my toes. How was she getting around the table so blooming fast?

The thinking mind

It was bizarre and I couldn't help but activate my thinking mind.

She must have noticed and said that she was working with some of my ancestral spirits. 

I was NOT expecting that and my brain went into overdrive. I started to imagine who it was. Was if my grandmother? She was strict, would she be annoyed? Was it my grandfather that lived in a very cool old house that Charles Bianconiv used to rest his horses and change their shoes. Was it my first dog, Sandy?


Navajo Nation

She noticed and said, 'Just listen to the drums.'

I did and got swept away to a Navajo nation. 

I have got to say that this was a truly novel, strange, unreal, cool, and unique experience. I didn't research it so I didn't know what to expect. I wish the person who told me about it had told me about the drums, essential oils,  incense, loud drums, eyes shut, toes and shoulders tapping, spirits, ancestors. It would have been great to know what to expect rather than saying it was a cool experience. 

So now you know

But now I know what to expect and so do you. And I highly recommend it. It's far better than a yoga class, or message it is an experience.

And as I was leaving we got chatting and it was she who told me about candle magick, yes with a K!