What Transcendental Meditation is like and how its helped me

My first monthly Group Meditation, Cork, Ireland

I had my first Transcendental Meditation group meeting today in Cork. I knew what it would involve and it was exactly what I thought it would be. Simple with layers of structure. Our teacher dresses like a business man and yet has this ethereal aspect to him when talking about TM. The other teacher based in Cork, well, she has the same quality. 

So, I sat in a room full of strangers and TM'ed! Afterwards we watched a video of The Maharishi and our instructor went over it a bit.

So, easy. Simple. In, meditate, watch video, leave.

I got chatting to a really interesting lady after class. We swapped tips to help stop a racing mind when meditating. It's difficult not to try and yet we were all taught that way. We try, try, try all day every day. TM is about having a mantra and not obsessing over it and to let go. She said she wished she had gone on to become a teacher but didn't as she could never find the information. I told her I was a teacher and was always curious about TM. And she grabbed attention with large eyes saying, 'make up your mind and go for it, I wish I had, you'd be a great teacher.' The moment felt potent. Like, she could never leave someone else not live up to their potential. She was sound. And I left with some interesting sound bites to munch on. 

How TM helped my business

Anyway. I did a stocktaking tonight. I had body mods since last year and never really committed to selling them. Body mods are earrings for stretched ears - plugs, tunnels, double flared and single flared. I started my ear stretching journey when I was 19 in University. Some years I took them out others I would start afresh. Well, now I am at a 6mm (2 gauge).

But, tonight I committed and now have them up on the site. Same with the copper crowns. There's been a huge expansion. In life, career, business everythings bigger with more space and room to follow my heart. And a lot of that has come from using my own Wellness Coaching tools on me: goals, measurable objectives, cultivating an art of allowing. And I don't try. 

How TM could help with a fear of flying

A fear of flying can just come over you. That's what happened to me. I was a grand flyer and then BOOM! If you've read through the site you know the whole story. But conventional medicine didn't help me one bit. It was only when I started my own meditation and using essential oils that I was able to fly better. I haven't flown yet, since taking up Transcendental Meditation, but thing I didn't like before are easier now; like passing out huge trucks on the motorway! Or, driving over a huge and high bridge. YIKES! They are both grand now. Anyway, it's been a long day of learning new things, meeting new and interesting people, and then business so I'm outty!

Here's some interesting research articles on the benefits of TM

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“Neurofeedback-enhanced gamma brainwaves from the prefrontal cortical region of meditators and non-meditators and associated subjective experiences” (2011)