Why are essential oils so expensive to buy?

Why is Fleet and Flower's organic, vegan, essential oil based meditation / ethereal perfume oil so expensive top buy online?

Fleet and Flower uses only the finest, most expensive, and luxurious organic ingredients in the natural world.

OK, so why are these essential oils so expensive?

Good question, and one I used to ask before I started using essential oils. Why, indeed, are they some essential oils so expensive and some so cheap? (Hint! Hint! organic, labour intensive, food grade quality that is measurable, certified organic, traceability, no toxins, slow farming...)

Well, let's first compare a fast food meal to a three star Michelin restaurant meal! One restaurant is based on fast farming, quick service, and getting a bang for your buck. The other is based on organic and slow farming, silver service (the best kind of table service provided by the best trained staff), and an atmosphere heavy with flowers, candles, fine music and surrounded by elegant people where money is seen as an energy transfer - and this is translated into a fine meal with fine service.


Right, ok! But why, exactly, are essential oils so expensive to buy; even online? 

well, it takes a fleet of flowers to make even an ounce of an essential oil.

There are labour costs, seeds, fertilizer, care, attention, harvesting, distillation, good manufacturing policies to adhere to, bottling, packaging, advertising, marketing, selling, delivery, certification, etc. 

We all love lavender, but have a look at its tiny leaves. Can you imaging how much oil you would distill from one leaf and now look at your bottle of pure lavender essential oil. Yup, that takes a lot of work to get that oil. Hence the expense. 

Quick Reference Guide for Using Essential Oils by Connie and Alan Higley:

Producing the purest of oils can be very costly because it may require several hundred pounds, or even several thousand pounds, of plant material to extract 1 pound of pure essential oil. For example, 1 pound of pure Melissa oil sells for $9,000-$15,000. Although this sounds quite expensive, one must realize that 3 tons of plant material are required to produce that single pounds of oil.

Speaking of American dollars

I would avoid buying American essential oil based products as the FDA, it appears, seemingly does not require the products to meet any legislation. From personal experience, the story is very different here in Europe. We have to meet national health authority regulations and standards, hire a cosmetic chemist, get certified, adhere to strict EU legislation in the production, labeling or ingredients, and registration of each formulation.


Right, I'm off to enjoy the sunshine. (I know, sunshine in Ireland!)

Michelle x