Why Etsy may not an ideal place to buy essential oil based perfume /ethereal oils

Etsy (An American based open market selling platform)

If you look at Etsy, the world and her mother is selling essential oils that are "natural" but it seems that anyone can mix up a blend and sell it over there. How do we know hygiene, storage, recording keeping, and cosmetic legislation is being met?We don't!

When I first started Fleet + Flower, I followed an American chap on Snapchat and saw him making his products in his kitchen on a dirty work surface with the dogs hanging about. And he was touching the bottles and then his phone! I have to have a Good Manufacturing Policy which has detailed hygiene standards. 

But, it's ultimately your choice what you value, and how much you are willing to pay on yourself. You have to make the best decision for you. I am just in teacher mode tonight and being a tad lecture-y! Just ask yourself - what are you going to use the essential oil blend for? To use in a diffuser? Or put onto clothes? To clean with, or put in your car? That could be OK to use a lesser standard product. Anything that you put onto your skin needs to be the best of the best. 


Ideal situation - buy organic

In an ideal situation you will use an organic essential oi. Why organic....sustainability, traceability, no toxins,pure, greater benefits, no poisons sprayed onto the flowers and then distilled down into a concentrated form and onto your skin, better for the environments and our future. But hey, I'm an idealist...so you do you, but be informed. And question everything. Even this. (You know I am a teacher by day, right hence my Socratic method!)