The Root Chakra; it effects on the body and how to balance it.

The chakra system is pretty co-dependant

The Root or Muladhara chakra is where the main nadis originate, if this chakra is open, closed, balanced or overactive it can have direct effects on the body. 

What exactly is this Nadis you talk of?

The word nadis comes from Sanskrit with the root "nad" meaning "channel," "stream," or "flow." Your prana flows in these channels. The Root is made up of three Nadia which govern male, female, and life force energy; if there is an imbalance in this chakra is has direct consequences to the body.

Pingala - providesheat and male energy.

Ida - provides calming and cooling female energy.

Sushumna -  It is the path taken by the rising Kundalini (those shivers up and down your back are an indication of rising Kundalini.)

An open Muladhara

Physical strength, trust, a feeling of being grounded, sense of security, feeling inspired, a good science of self, good selfcare practice, punctual, and being loved.


A closed Muladhara

Overweight, craving comfort foods, gynecological problems, sexual or reproductive problems, circulation and blood deficiencies, constipation, lethargic, craving to be outside in nature, wanting to wear more red, depression, immune-related disorders, mental or emotional problems, a lack of self- esteem, attachment to family background and beliefs.


A balanced Muladhara

One feels supported, a sense of connection and safety to the physical world, settled, strong, energetic, grounded, a feeling of being charge of your life, a sense of belonging, and regular bowel movements.


An overactive Muladhara

Addicted to sex in an abnormal way. Aggressive behaviour, impatience, irritability, materialistic, lashing out, and excessive attachments.

How to balance your root chakra, Muladhara

Start your day with some gentle, mindful stretching.

Dance in a foot stomping way!

March or stomp on the spot.

Yoga is a great way to balance your chakras even one sun salutation daily could make a difference.

Wear some red on your lower half be it in socks, underwear, or shoes. Everything is made of vibrating atoms and thus has a sound frequency so incorporating red could help bring balance to the root chakra.

Go outside and walk in nature for at least ten minutes.

Meditate using a mantra - auuuuuuuummmm! 

Use organic essential oils, these are obviously grounding as they are from nature and are natural. 

Wear copper; it will ground you.