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Why doTERRA?

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Safe, organic, and simple tools to help my mind - body, soul, family and green cleaning home.

I’m Michelle King, I have degree in computer science, post grad in primary teacher and needed something to calm my mind.

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and I always slip in a few extra presents!

If you join up with a kit you get loads of roller bottles, perfume bottle..etc..


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the doTERRA Difference

Organic, third party tested, works with small farmers, so many more benefits….



Aromatherapy Guidance + Community

  • I am studying to be an aromatherapist and will be guiding you through your essential oil, green cleaning, natural preventative healthcare, soulful, journey.

  • Receive presents

  • Access to private education websites and Facebook groups communities

  • Learn via ebooks, images, video, charts, Q&As, lives, training,

  • info on green cleaning, reducing toxic load, fertility and oils…you name it!


Join + Save with an enrollment kit

  • Free annual membership

  • Doesn’t auto renew

  • Free bottle of Peppermint with a reduced renewal next year

  • Save money and receive discounts on oils

  • My biggest regret is that I just paid the wholesale membership to join as the next month ‘I got it!’ and bought allll the oils

  • If I had joined with a Home Essentials Kit I would have saved a lot of money and gotten free oils.


Monthly Wellness Box

When you do join up as my wholesale customer there is no pressure on you to buy or order monthly + You can cancel at any time.

However, I need to tell you about ordering monthly as it saves you money and actually made my life easier.