Letter to Robin

I loved this instruction manual, the writer's voice and tone is heart warming and so sincere. It was written by the late Walt Woods to a dowsing enthusiast. Woods helped found SERI (Subtle Energy Research Institute). He was a President of the American Society of Dowsers. He was also a research scientist studying bio-electromagnetism, healing and brain waves of altered states. Pretty cool!

What Woods said about the letter becoming a manual;

Robin was having the same problems that many beginning dowsers have, trouble with accuracy and repeatability. She wisely wrote to the American Society of Dowsers asking for help. The Society sent her the names of ten Dowsers and I was privileged to be one of them. Robin sent a letter to each one and received informative letters from all of us. I had recognized the need for a booklet of this type for some time, but it was this letter that inspired me to start developing it.

Walt writes of this book:

Over a period of ten years, starting in 1980, I had developed a “Multipurpose Dowsing Form” and its accompanying booklet. This dowsing system started as one page and eventually grew through twenty-six revisions to eight pages. The revisions were given away at many dowsing meetings.

As a result, I received information and suggestions from many dowsers. This stimulated new revisions. Eventually, the Multipurpose Dowsing System became so in-depth that beginning dowsers had trouble understanding it.

It was then that I realized the need for a simple, easy to understand, how to learn to dowse booklet. This booklet needed to include instructions for using the pendulum, programing or establishing parameters and conditions for your dowsing, and how to ask the dowsing questions.

Even though dowsers successfully use many different devices and many different methods, there appeared to be an underlying basic system at work. This letter to Robin is based on my perception of the principles, knowledge and understanding of many dowsers. Please note that skilled dowsers usually specialize and may add many refinements to their basic systems..

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