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Intro to Essential Oils Webinar

Imagine having natural solutions for your healthcare? Help with colds and flu, fertility, teething, vaccinations, green cleaning, anxiety, and emotional health?

Are you interested in organic therapeutic grade, essential oils?

Would you like to benefit from using the purest essential oils in the world to help & support you with your own health & well being?

We're also looking for people interested in joining us as Products Consultants sharing our oils with others

Come along to learn more about essential oils where I will take you on a journey into natural solutions to health and wellness as we explore aromatherapy and the power of essential oils for everyday living.

You will learn:

* What essential oils are & how they help

* The essential oils difference

* How to support immune, nervous, emotional, digestive, respiratory, muscular health naturally

* How to manage stress levels & sleep

* Simple steps to healthier living

* The business side

* Tips and recipes

Join us for amazing evening of education, essential oil experiences and guidance.

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Michelle x