Giving Back

We donate 10% of our profits to GRAI, an association of Irish animal rescue organisations and individuals dedicated to promoting greyhounds as pets and acting as advocates for the breed in Ireland.

Grá is the Irish word for love, signifying appreciation and affection for this amazing breed of dog who reward their families with so much love and loyalty. 


Well The Good Book says we should give 10% to charity and this cause is close to my heart. My dad was a greyhound trainer and it was only his last dog, Off You Sail, that he kept after she retired. He realised that dogs are to be protected and not used for entertainment too late as he retired from the business soon after. 


We will donate 10% of profit from the business at year end. 

Of if you want to help out a truly good cause then you can donate directly below and make some greyhounds very happy after their difficult lives as racing animals used for human entertainment. 

Follow GRAI

Twitter: @GRA_Ireland