Michelle King Technical Business Teacher


Technical business Tools:

teaching, coaching, direction.

Who: Michelle King


What: Technical business teaching, coaching, direction.

When: Office Hours

Where: Skype consultation 

Investment: EUR 50 for a 50 minute consultation



Michelle King is the founder of Fleet and Flower, an online heart-centred shop.

She brought a product to market under Fleet and Flower, Rêveurs , it is an organic, vegan, cruelty-free, crystal infused, highly potent, essential oil perfume. It is marketed at busy people who need a quick fix of wellness on the go and this products tag line is - A smudge stick for the soul. This product meets all national and international regulation both insurance-wise and levels of safety in production and legal to sell worldwide.

Having an honours in Information Technology and Telecommunications from University of Limerick, Michelle's thesis was The Authoring Methodology of Web Design. This involved the design of a website and a critical analysis of why we design the way we do, survey questioning online design, analytical feedback of conversion rates, SEO, and prediction of future methodological web design.

Having work in the I.F.S.C. in both technical roles and financial reporting she studied for a diploma in Digital Marketing which involved building a digital marketing strategy and implementation.

After finishing a post grad in primary school teaching she put all her experience into practice and build a successful book blog. This involved regular blogging, book reviews, and interviews with established authors, and community building. This was achieved by cultivating a hashtag for bookish chat. #YAIE trended in Ireland with every chat and culminated in an online book festival taking place on Twitter on the hashtag #YAIEDay which trended in Ireland all day throughout the duration of the festival.

Michelle King is a vegan which lead her to a spiritual practice and qualifying as a Wellness Coach, a Kundalini Reiki Master, and has studied widely in the fields of Kinesiology, Emotional Freedom Technique, Kundalini, meditation, MBSR (mindfulness,) and holistic heart-powered development.

Using the troubleshooting premise from IT, the development, planning, critical learning logs, thematic classroom planning -yearly-quarterly,-monthly-weekly-daily from teaching, woven with digital marketing and dip-dyed with her holistic journey Michelle King is perfectly positioned to give your business website new direction.


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