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Since 2014, Fleet + Flower has done more than refine an old tradition: We've started a new one. Guided by an international palate, we blend organic oils from around the world to create humming notes; with a bombastic base notes of trees leading to a head of fruity floral top notes.  Read all about our organic, vegan, cruelty-free crystal-infused ethereal essential oils, perfume, and goodness here.

Organic Perfume Oil:

  • Vegan + Cruelty-free

  • Safe

  • Crystal infused + Reiki Blessed

  • 20% concentration of essential oils in an organic jojoba oil.




Kundalini Reiki Master

Online course to master level


We use Reiki in our daily lives and have found it to be so beneficial that Fleet + Flower will be creating an e-course, we are calling it e-Reiki. If you want to become a Kundalini reiki Master then please sign up for updates on this course. Coming soon. until then - Read more about Kundalini Reiki in the blog

Kundalini Reiki Master

  • Become your own Kundalini Master
  • Practice for yourself in your work, life goals, gym, dates
  • Set up your own Reiki Business





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Learn Yoga at home

Yoga Download

We lives busy lives and want uncomplicated access to yoga technology. Sometimes it's more satisfying to learn from the gurus and yogi masters themselves in your own home. Fleet and Flowers ues Yoga Download to gain access to Kundalini Yoga and all other yoga technologies

Yoga Download

  • Practice yoga from the comfort of your own home
  • have access to gurus
  • have access to world famous yogis
  • Gain yoga teacher certification online





Join the Fleet on insta. We use it as our mood board, to connect with you and have fun.