How do I read a course in Miracles?

When I got bought A Course in Miracles, I spent ages looking for courses in it! Or reading groups.

I mean ACIM is three books: a 669-page Text, a 488-page Workbook for Students, and an 92-page Manual for Teachers. 

But the very simple fact is that this book is a course. It is not meant to be read in a few sittings. It will take you a year.

Buy three book markers. Put one at the first page of the Text, one bookmark for the Workbook, and one bookmark in the Manual for teachers. 

One the first day you will read only ONE daily lesson from the workbook. And then you think about it throughout the day.

Then, set aside time and read one page from the Text (the book at the beginning) and a page from the Workbook for teachers. Do this daily or even every second day. Sometimes you will read a few pages other times a few weeks will go by and you will have just done your daily lessons.

Just try to do the daily lessons every day. And ease yourself into the lifestyle of the whole book.

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