Setting up a Wholesale doTERRA Account

Send me an email, we can discuss your needs and I can set up your account to meet your every whim.


To join as a wholesale customer is EUR24, order oils whenever you choose, the monthly order is the best value for money as you get points for free oils and free shipping and can order as small (toothpaste) or as large as you want - you do do, gurl!

Joining with a kit is the best value for money. You get free membership, and free products. The Home Essentials Kit it the most popular kit and by far the best value as it has all 15mls, a diffuser. for 225E and you get a lot of points for free products.

See kits here

What I use my oils for

I use essential oils for my health, emotions, mood, green cleaning by diffusing, make easy roller blends, applying topically or making up a veggie cap and taking internally.

I love them and will be working with doTERRA and a customer into my golden years.

I am excited for you to begin your doTERRA wellness lifestyle.

Chat later, Michelle x

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