Rêveurs:organic, VEGAN, CRUELTY FREE.

Roll on perfume oil for a lean-in healing scent: perfume for the soulful. 

Organic Certificate - All essential oils used in Fleet and Flower perfume are certified organic by the Soil Association, which means you can be sure that it has been produced to the highest ethical and environmental standards.

There is a ratio of 20% blend of organic, pure essential oils to an 80% of organic carrier oil. This classifies the perfume as an eau de pafrum. Read about our policy and ethos here.




Love and Good Vibes

This perfume is hand-blended near the Rock of Cashel, Co. Tipperary by artisan ethereal perfumer Michelle King, a reformed YA book blogger. It is blessed by a Reki Master and crystal infused. See our insta for some pics.

Rêveurs,(Reveurs) our first perfume oil is formulated with a 20% concentration of organic essential oils, hence the ethereal qualities.

 Rêveurs is an homage to The Night Circus; Fleet and Flowers most loved YA book. 

Sat Nam



Superior food grade Essential Oil - Ylang Ylang

Botanical Name - Cananga odorata

Aroma/Scent -   Intensely sweet, floral-balsamic, exotic.                                                 

Extraction - Steam distillation
Part of Plant - Flowers                          

Country of Origin - Comoros Islands / Madagascar
Chemical Constituents - Linalol, geranyl acetate, para-cresyl methyl ether
Country of Origin - Madagascar
Uses - A deeply soothing and sensual aphrodisiac oil, antidepressant, antiseborrhoeic, antiseptic, aphrodisiac, hypotensive, nervine.   

Spiritual Benefits: encourages self-confidence bringing awakening to tender hearts. It protects our spirit from negativity. It is one of the Angelic Fragrances.



Superior food grade Essential Oil- Rose 

Botanical Name - Pelargonium graveolens roseum     Aroma/Scent - Rose like, sweet and floral  Extraction - Steam distillation  

Part of Plant - Aerial parts                        

Country of Origin - Egypt                          

Chemical Constituents - Citronellol, geraniol, linalool                                                          

 Uses - Supports the endocrine system and helps to balance the effects of our hormones. Balancing and harmonising to the emotions as well.                             Spiritual Benefits: helps to relieve nervous tension, melt away anger and aggression, balances emotions, lifts the spirit, and promotes feelings of peace and well-being




Superior food grade Essential Oil  - Vetivert

Botanical Name - Vetiveria zizanoides         Aroma/Scent - Smokey, exotic aroma, newly tilled soil, and balsam-woody.            

Extraction - steam distillation                      

Part Used - the rhizomes.
Country of Origin - Madagascar / Indonesia Chemical Constituents - Zizanol, bicyclo-vetivenol, khusinol.                                       

Uses - anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, aphrodisiac, cicatrisant, nervine, sedative  

Spiritual uses:  helps one to remain calm and centered when facing adversity, attract money and give protection.





Superior food grade Essential Oil - Spruce

Botanical Name - Picea mariana                   Aroma/Scent - Sweet and rich, fresh, evergreen aroma, earthy, deeply rooted.  

Extraction   -    Steam distilled  

Part of Plant - Needles and twigs     

Country of Origin - Canada                

Chemical constituents - Pinene, limonene, bornyl acetate                                              

 Uses -  antibacterial, anti-infectious, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, antiviral, antiseptic, disinfectant, expectorant, and stimulant properties.      Spiritual uses:  promote feelings of happiness and well-being, and inspires communion with the divine Source. 
















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Superior food grade Essential Oil - Bergamot


Botanical Name - Citrus bergamia
This oil is free from bergapten, so there is no caution for skin exposed to the sun. 

Aroma/ Scent- bitter citric, spicy and sweet.
Extraction - Cold expression
Part of Plant - Peel
Country of Origin - Italy
Chemical Constituents - D-limonene, linalol, linalyl acetate.                                            

Uses - Refreshing, immune supporting, antiseptic and digestive. Uplifting, anti-depressant, self empowering, supports confidence, aids in self expression.       Spiritual uses: lightens the shadows of the mind, bringing joy and laughter to the heart


Botanical Name - Citrus sinensis

Aroma/ Scent- Sweet, warm, delicious citrus aroma
Extraction - Cold expression
Part of Plant - Peel
Country of Origin - Mexico / USA
Chemical Constituents - Limonene, myrcene, a-pinene

Uses - Refreshing orange oil is like a little bottle of sunshine. Encourages the appetite and better digestion.

Spiritual uses: Clears the path for abundance, uplifting. t helps soothe anxiety



Botanical Name - Santalum Spicatum

Aroma/ Scent- Rich, dry, balsamic aroma
Extraction - Steam distillation
Part of Plant - The tree's heartwood is obtained from sustainable plantations in Australia. NHR does not use the endangered Indian sandalwood.
Country of Origin - Australia
Chemical Constituents - A-santalol, cis b-santalol, cis nuciferol

Uses -Can help aid sleep and is thought to help prevent infections. Sandalwood has been popular since antiquity and is one of the oldest known perfume materials. 

Spiritual uses: Rejuvenating, relaxing and an aphrodisiac.















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Superior food grade -Carrier Oil

 Botanical name - Simmondsia chinensis  Aroma/scent - Mild, almost odourless  

Extraction Method  -  Cold pressed  

Part of Plant - Seed  

Country of Origin - Peru  

Uses - Jojoba a liquid plant wax and is very close to the skin's own natural sebum, making it very well absorbed. It penetrates the skin rapidly leaving a soft non-sticky feel.      

Please note that this oil is cold pressed and not an essential oil from the plant itself, therefore it is not high in the T.H.C




Botanical Name - Mentha piperita

Aroma/ Scent- Refreshing, menthol
Extraction - Steam distillation
Part of Plant - Leaf
Country of Origin - UK / USA
Chemical Constituents -  l-menthol, n-menthone, menthyl acetate

Uses - Stimulating and refreshing. Peppermint is good for inhalations and easing sinus congestion. It has a relaxing effect on the stomach and is good for settling nausea

Spiritual uses: Peppermint give you a pep in your step and can help to enlive your mood.



Botanical Name - Lavandula angustifolia

Aroma/ Scent-  A well-balanced, beautiful, floral aroma
Extraction - Steam distillation
Part of Plant - FLowering tops
Country of Origin - France
Chemical Constituents -Linalyl, terpinyl, lavandulyl

Uses -Lavender is the motherload and as we say in essential oil circles, 'If in doubt; lavender!' It is antiseptic, healing, cleansing, grounding, calming, aids sleeping, stress, insomnia and restlessness.

Spiritual uses: It has a cleansing effect on things that inhibit us.