Inspired by Space






And becoming so comfortable with it that you invite the power of the universal Source in.


The kind of space that allows you to feel calm, not over-think. The kind of opening up of a inner, and yet universal, healing space. 

Earth-Friendly Practices

We sell 100% certified organic essential oils and 100% carrier oil in all our perfume oil, a natural bamboo roller-ball bottle in all our perfume oil, our copper is recycled, all of our future products (from other makers)have been carefully considered to be in keeping with our ethos before listing on the site.) Our studio recycles, keeps packaging pretty and minimum, we don't print leaflets or pamphlets. We start our work day with a sun-salutation, a toast to Diana and Apollo, Transcendental Meditation and a vegan Irish fry-up. 

Stellar Culture and Products

We love what we do. We love hand blending in small batches Rêveurs our first perfume oil for the soulful, its 100% organic, vegan, cruelty-free.  We love writing the meditation or reiki courses, making meditation audios (all coming soon). We love meeting to cleanse the crystal grid in our studio or doing Reiki over our products. Love is a funny thing, it starts multiplying. We will be expanding our shop to include a small, selective, collection of other people's products that we love, soon. 

Giving Back

We donate 10% of our profits to GRAI, an association of Irish animal rescue organisations and individuals dedicated to promoting greyhounds as pets and acting as advocates for the breed in Ireland. My dad was a greyhound trainer and it was only his last dog, Off You Sail, that he kept after she retired. He realised that dogs are to be protected and not used for entertainment too late as he retired from the business soon after.