We are all made up of stardust so shouldn't we know more about astrology? If you've been on insta lately you'll have seen so many posts about all the eclipses of this year, if you've been to a kundalini yoga class/meditation class/asana yoga class you'll have heard about the important of the planets and the stars in relation to our own wellbeing.

One week I was feeling terrible, knots in my stomach, butterflies, couldn't concentrate...and when I found out about the lunar eclipse then all those anxious feeling went away. I'm fine, I've tools to manage anything but this eclipse and all my spiritual practices have made me far more sensitive altogether. 

If learning about astrology helped me then it will help you. Learn all about astrology below, let me know how you get on over on insta or pop me an email.

Michelle x


Step 1 - Learn Astrology Symbols

Symbols constitute Astrology’s primary language. Each Zodiac Sign and Planet is represented by a symbol and/or a glyph.

Learn Astrology by learning the Astrology Symbols


Step 2 - Learn Astrology by Classifying the Zodiac Signs

Zodiac Signs fall into several categories. These categories are: Duality, Modality and Elements.

Learn more about classifying Zodiac Signs.


Step 3 - Learn Astrology by interpreting the Zodiac Signs

In step 2 you learned how to classify each Sign. Now you will learn the interpretation for each individual Zodiac Sign.






To learn about the Zodiac Signs from the 12 dice face dot patterns visit


Step 4 - Exam 1

Before taking this exam you should quickly review the last 3 steps. The answers to this exam can be found further down on this page. Good Luck! 

Exam #1


Step 5 - Learn the Planets in Astrology

Each of the 12 Signs has a planet(s) associated with it. These are called the Ruling Planets.

Learn more about the planets in astrology


Step 6 - Learn the Astrological Houses

The Astrology Chart also divides into 12 houses and has a house number coinciding with it.

Learn more about the 12 Astrological Houses in astrology


Step 7- Learn the Planetary Aspects

Another important part of astrology is the geometric angles the planets make to one another. These angles are referred to as Planetary Aspects.

Learn more about the planetary aspects in astrology.


Step 8-Exam 2

Before taking this exam you should quickly review steps 5, 6, & 7. The answers can be found further down on this page. Good Luck!

Exam #2


Step 9- The Birth Chart and putting it all together

Discover what a Birth Chart is and how it can help you. Understanding the Birth chart

Delineating the Birth Chart

Putting it all together is as easy as A - B - C & D

a) You take each planet & point and interpret it in each Zodiac Sign.

b) You take each Planet and interpret it in each house.

c) You take each planetary aspect and interpret it.

d) Analyze the data from a-b-c and get an overall feel for the chart as a whole.

And that’s it! By now you should have a decent working knowledge of how astrology works. You’re now ready to take that last Step.


Step 10 - The Final Exam

This examination will cover all the material presented in Learn Astrology. Good Luck.

Final Exam

source of material is the fantastic Always Astrology