Fleet and Flower on Meeting Legislation and researching brands you want to buy from.


Our perfume oil is made from 100 % certified organic essential oils and 100 % certified organic carrier oil. 

Each perfume oil is formulated according to EU legislation and must be analysed by a cosmetic chemist and receive a safety cert before being brought to market.

Each perfume must have a Good Manufacturing Practice. A GMP is a system for ensuring that products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards.

ISO 22716:2007 gives guidelines for the production, control, storage and shipment of cosmetic products. Cosmetic manufacturers are required to demonstrates your own system achieves the same objective as that of the ISO 22716:2007 GMP guidelines. 

The GMP contains : hygiene policy, ingredients down to the millimeter and percentage of whole, ingredient suppliers, chemical names, cosmetic chemist's safety cert, premises: building and facilities, equipment,  personnel, raw materials, handling, production, laboratory controls, labelling, complaints recording and reacting, and registration via the EU Cosmetic Products Portal.

Fleet and Flower is also registered with a cert of exportation meaning that we can legally sell our products within Europe and the rest of the world. As our perfumes contain no alcohol we can ship worldwide.