Policy for Fleet and Flower Perfume

Certification Of Organic Essential Oils

All essential oils and carrier oils used by Fleet and Flower perfumes have been individually certified organic by The Soil Association. While we are still in the process of getting certified as a business we can assure you that each ingredient used in our perfume is certified by The Soil Association. 


Organic Certification: Professional Standards

Organic farming is a carefully devised system of food production defined by EU law and is based on the following principles:

  • Building soil fertility;
  • Minimal use of non-renewable resources (no chemicals);
  • Minimise pollution and damage to the environment;
  • Working with, not against, natural systems;
  • Respect for animal welfare;
  • Minimal processing or additives

Organic farming is governed by EEC Regulation No. 2092/91, which defines the basic standards of production and processing and the requirements for control and policing. This Regulation is implemented in Britain by the UK Register of Organic Food Standards (UKROFS). The statutory requirements are:

  • Two-year conversion period prior to full organic status is achieved;
  • Adequate physical and financial separation of organic and non-organic units under the same management;
  • Application to, inspection by, and certification with, an approved inspection body, such as Soil Association Certification Ltd;
  • Maintenance of adequate records to demonstrate compliance with the standards;
  • Annual monitoring and inspection by the approved certification body;
  • Strict requirements for labelling and for the use of additives and processing aids. Source: The Soil Association



Essential oils can be kept for approximately 1-2 years, if stored in a cool and dark area, 
depending on the type of oil. Exceptions are all the citrus oils e.g. Orange and Bergamot etc., 
which need to be kept in the fridge in warm weather. On the other hand Patchouli actually improves with age!

Fleet + Flower copper wire jewellCAUTIONS 

The information provide within this site be it therapeutic, holistic, spiritual information on each item Fleet and Flower sells (copper jewellery, essential oil organic perfume, and candle oil) is for educational use ONLY, and is Fleet and Flower's opinion based on traditional uses and as such is not intended to be used to diagnose, prescribe or administer in any manner to any spiritual, physical or mental health ailments. In any matter relating to spiritual, physical or mental health, please always contact a qualified practitioner. These products are not a replacement for orthodox medicine. 

Essential Oil Cautions

  • Never take essential oils internally. Do not swallow them. If they are accidentally swallowed, drink plenty of milk and consult your doctor.
  • The following oils may discolour the skin if it is exposed to strong sunlight: Bergamot, Juniper, Lemon and Orange.
  • Pregnancy - If you are pregnant, only use essential oils in consultation with a qualified aromatherapist. 
  • Fleet and Flower's organic perfume oil is not to be used on children.

If you want more information about Fleet + Flower's copper wire jewellery, organic essential oil healing perfume, plugs and tunnels or our candle oil then please do read these links. Also please read About us and our Press Pack to find out more. And read our blog to get to know us. And shop here.

Fleet and Flower Code of Ethics

  • Absolutely no ingredients are tested on animals, in agreement with the ‘Cosmetic Industry Coalition for Animal Welfare’ CICAW cut off date of 1976. This is the strictest guidelines on animal testing in the UK. STATING: NO ingredients which have been tested in animals since 1976 can be used in any product. This is in contrast to other standards used in the UK which say no ingredients can be used which have been tested on animals for 2 or 4 years only. Allowing companies to test their products on animals wait 2 years and then sell them saying " Have not been tested on Animals’ a bad loophole! Look for the Compassion/Truth logo 1976 on products.
  • Fleet and Flower perfume products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
  • All ingredients are fully listed on the label so you can make an informed choice.
  • Highest quality organic ingredients are used.
  • Fleet and Flower perfumes contain no preservatives, no colouring, no emulsifiers, no solubilizer.
  • Only pure natural organic ingredients!
  • Fleet and Flower is committed to being a responsible and caring employer. Helping to create a healthy working environment and respect for individual’s needs.
  • We aim to give our customers the highest quality service, and good value at all times. Contact us at any time for advice on Hello@FleetAndFlower.com



They are produced by three main methods:

1. Steam distillation. The plant material, e.g. leaves or flowers, as in the case of Lavender, has steam passed through it, then the steam is condensed into water and oil. The oil is the pure essential oil and the remaining water makes floral water.

2. Expression. This method is used for citrus fruits. The peel is compressed forcing the essential oil out.

3. Solvent extraction. This method is used when steam may harm the delicate plant material, as with: Rose, Jasmine and Neroli flower petals. The flowers are covered in a solvent which is then evaporated or distilled away. This produces what is called an absolute oil.