Florist Forest - organic CBD perfume oil

Florist Forest - organic CBD perfume oil


Introducing a European first, Florist Forest, the only perfumed oil that can embude you with wellness on the go.

An organic CBD Perfume oil - it's a smudge stick for the soul©

An innovative product that helps you calmly focus on the go. 

This is a luxurious blend of strong base notes of organic Red Thyme interwoven with gentle yet robust middle notes of organic Sandalwood, and a midas touch of organic lavender reaching crescendo top fruity notes of organic Orange and organic peppermint.

Each essential oil was specifically selected for its hierarchy within the essential oil encyclopedia for its base, middle, top, forest, fruity, floral, herbal, medicinal, spiritual, and ethereal properties.

It took us a year of planning, designing, branding, brainstorming, testing the market, and blending, but now it's here. And it smells divine.

It needs another month to finish blending and it will be ready for  public release. Sign up to be amongst to know when it will be released for sale. (hint any day soon!)

Blended to perfection for six months. Organic. Vegan. Crystal infused. 



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