Fleet and Flower can be understood with one word: Metaphysical . From this we can learn about who we are, what we trust in, and where we turn to for inspiration and guidance.

We are guided and inspired by:

Veganism is all about sustainability, slow fashion, cruelty-free products, plant-based diet, and an almost Wiccan love and respect for our earth.

Focus is where the mind fires up into a laser and makes things happen. As a primary school teacher, a start-up founder, a practitioner of meditation and yoga, and a student of A Course in Miracles, I've witnessed the power of someone "switching on" and the action that follows it. It is incredible. 

Psychology - we are governed by our hormones which are governed by our brains; we control the brain we control the hormones and we achieve some balance in our lives. Our brains are not set in stone; they are plastic and can learn new ways of being. Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud show us the way.

The Metaphysical is the nature of mind, matter, science, psychology, and divinity.

Earth power is derived from using objects such as candles, tarot cards, crystals, stones, incense, first stars, to tap into earth power thus increasing our personal power. 

Source power is derived from meditation, mantras, mindfulness, prayer, using our senses (our bodies are vessels for the Holy Spirit therefore the more in tune with your body the more the HS is also.) 

Psychology is all about facing the shadow within and accepting it but we need a lot of personal power to have the courage to do so.