Fleet and Flower - NOT for under 18s. And Limitation of Liability on site content

For over 18s we suggest you read our Limitation of Liability section on our terms of use   page as these blog topics are written as an educational resources and are not intended as medical advice and due care is expected to be taken by the reader. 


For UNDER 18s - Please read our policy page and our terms of usepage for more info on our age limit stance; 

We write about awaking kundalini energy, digital drugs, CBD, metaphysics, transcendental meditation, third eye opening, ACIM, advanced psychology, legal highs, vaping, veganism, spirituality, The Tarot, Reiki, Wiccan practices, the science and psychology behind these practices, chakras, potent essential oils, Carl Jung, MBSR, and more)

These are all aimed at an adult audience as they may be too advanced for brains that are still growing. Without proper life experience, guidance, personal boundaries- these topics can be more of a hindrance than a help to your mental health.


If you Googled a question that lead you to Fleet and Flower and are under 18 then before you leave this site; I suggest you could take this with you; there are three aspects to happiness:

Personal Power (self-care, exercise, mental¬ physical ¬ emotional boundaries, proper food, routine)

Earth Power (tending to nature, growing plants/flowers/herbs, appreciating our world and constellations, the world's water, streams, rivers, mountains..)

Source Power (prayer, simple meditation OM, recognising the divine in all fellow humans and animals)

Include these aspects in your daily life and you could find yourself living your best life. Work on your foundations. When you have this work done and are of age then come back here.