Welcome to the policy page of Fleet and Flower.

 We take our work seriously.

Yes, it is fun for us, yes we are in the flow and the creation of this website and its contents was created as naturally as a conversation.

But, the structure, objectives, goals and ethos has been given serious thought, consideration, pause, and deliberation.

Please read our policy regarding the manufacture of our certified organic perfume oil and of our education policy regarding our online learning below.

Fleet and Flower made in Ireland Organic Perfume oil

Fleet and Flower's Organic Perfume Policy

Please read the policy regarding the ethos, animal rights, and organic certification of our organic essential oil perfume oil. We have spent a lot of time, energy, positive vibes, and money blending, sourcing, sniffing, and rolling these oils for you and we really hope you enjoy them. Things have more meaning when you education yourself on them so please read this before buying. Please click on the image with the text Organic Perfume Policy to the right.  


Fleet and Flower's Education Policy

Please also read our education policy for the courses within this site. We believe that access to education is the greatest gift you can give someone. For that reason we offer free courses as a means of introducing people to an area of study they may wish to take up. Our fees for our paid courses were calculated to ensure that we can create the best course material, lesson plans, resources in your field of interest. These course creations have taken years of personal work, and professional pursuits, study, practice, and dedication. Please familiarise yourself with them here. (to be updated shortly), 

Fleet and Flower written content  Policy

While the information within this site is researched we do not take any responsibility if this information does not help or causes you harm. The information herein is purely educational and if you are in need of help then please seek out professional help. We take no responsibility for external links or links shared on our social media platforms. Please also read of Terms and Conditions for extra information.

And remember our boundaries are a good reminder for you to have your own boundaries.