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How it started

Fleet and Flower has done more than refine an old tradition: We've started a new one. Guided by an international palate, we blend organic oils around the world to create humming notes; with a bombastic base note of trees leading to a head of fruity floral top notes. This harmonious blend is unique and will result in you smelling your wrists in admiring sniffs all the while receiving the healing benefits of a real natural organic perfume that smells of nature not chemicals or unnatural fragrance oil. 

Fleet and Flower makes everything in small batches from our studio near the Rock of Cashel in County Tipperary Ireland. To achieve optimal fine fragrance, our products age from three weeks to four months, making every product worth your patience. Find out more about


After a 2016 March trip, to the city of Copenhagen, Fleet and Flower organic roller ball perfume was born. Inspiration struck Michelle King while at Kastrup, Copenhagen Airport. She was admiring the sun glimmering off of the fleet of planes on the runway as she tried to apply flower essential oil to calm nerves and prepare for a calm flight.  She wanted to create a blend that was 100% organic with a 20 % concentration of organic essential oils. And in cool packaging that was light and travel friendly and genuinely worked. She had watched The Never Ending Story and knew the importance of naming a thing to make it real, Fleet and Flower it was crowned.  


Organic Perfume

All of our ingredients are internationally sourced from organic farms and are certified organic by The Soil Association. Fleet and Flower roll on perfume is vegan, cruelty free with NOTHING added but essential oils of the finest quality and a base carrier oil of organic jojoba oil.

They come in a tall bamboo covered roll-on container with a steel applicator. Our perfumes are made in a studio that has a crystal grid infusing the blends with the healing vibrations of crystals and are blessed by Feathard Reki Master Eimear Phelan. Fleet and Flower organic perfumes smell like a heady mixture of a goth/punk/bridal bouquet meets a rich hippie in wild garden on the edge of a forest after sunset and harvesting.  Yaas! For more information please read here or you can always get a cuppa and suss our out blog.