Glitter and Grow pens

Glitter and Grow pens


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I've used these pens so much in my snap stories that people were contacting me asking did I sell them. I follow my heart any questions so now they are for sale.

I call them Glitter and Grow because, well they are made of glitter and I use them for growth:

  • Growth of my creative business
  • Writing business plans, thank you notes, goals, objectives, drawing.
  • Creative writing of that YA books or Wellness Coaching book
  • Blog planning with your Bando!

They are a good quality pen with a nice thick feel in the hand without being heavy, they write well with a fat line and good imprint. Great for business meeting so that you never forget to Glitter and Grow!


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Material:Diamond + stainless steel + High quality plastic

Ink color:Black,0.7mm

EUR 6.99 each.