Rim o'Stars

Rim o'Stars

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These tunnels are ideal if you feel like showing off your stretched ears while embracing a gem rim of star light.  Why wish one one star when you can have a circle of them. We love to love these grown up pair of hip rims! 

mm (gauge):
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Material: Ion Gold plated over 316L Stainless Steel and CZ gem

Sizes: 3mm (8 gauge), 4mm (6 gauge),  5mm (4 gauge),  6mm (2 gauge),  NO 8 gauge (0 gauge), 10mm (00 gauge), 12mm (1/2 inch)

Sold in pairs (two  stars to wish ⋆ on!)

Screw on Backs - internally threaded.

Single Flare tunnel - to fit on easily with the screw on back ending with a thick rim.